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…One of the keys to writing good, effective copy is the research that goes into the targeted audience. An experienced copy editor knows that to be successful is to understand the audience. Certainly, with the vast number of audience segments being represented online at any given moment, being able to nail down the research aspect of any given copy editing assignment is critical.

Part of what an experienced Copy Editor will do is to study a client’s web site for clues and ask a ton of questions in the process and then broaden the research out into that client’s unique market segment. We want to know about user behavior and patterns. These patterns can be daily based, weekly, monthly, seasonal or whatever. If one is writing for the Travel Industry certainly understanding current world events (War in Iraq, SARs and others) is going to be important to shaping an effective message that helps travelers deal with their fears.

Effective Copy Writing has been at the forefront of every successful company, be they brick-n-mortar , brick-n-mortar/digital or pure-play virtual companies. This isn’t going to change anytime soon.

The most effective way for our firm to understanding your specific needs is to initiate a dialogue with us…

Custom Copy Writing Consultation.

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Revenue Generation

So now we have come to the meat of the matter (or Tofu, if you prefer)…Any business online is interested in generating revenue. Without cash flow to feed back into growing the business there is no way to effectively move a business forward without having to go into debt, and this simply is not a positive way to grow. Retaining complete ownership of the business from the get-go is the best way to proceed. However, disregarding my personal opinion, the need to generate revenue is still the primary focus.

Most businesses quickly learn that they can operate from a central revenue generation point of view and as that is working for them find ways to diversify into multiple revenue streams. Certainly, the software industry has perfected this model. A primary product, with licensing fees, regular upgrade cycles, technical support … all carefully mapped out over time. And the Movie Industry, tied in with product merchandising, has also figured this out…selling bits and pieces of a particular movies characters, sets or whatever. Toy Story nailed this down and there were tons of very happy kids (and plenty of adults) who owned and quickly went through their version of Buzz Lightyear or Woody (can I say that here?)…


This is another one of those “big picture” processes and the only way to effectively proceed is to start a dialogue. Revenue Generation can either be a short-term or long-term process and there are many variables involved either way…You can learn more by following this link…

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