Email Marketing and List Building

With most email appending services you would be lucky to get 20% of your database updated with current email addresses. With this unique service you will not only update 100% of your database you will be reactivating old accounts and generating new business.

The price for 1 name- per individual company:
$3.00 or $3,000 CPM
The price for 2 names per individual company:
$4.00 or $2,000 CPM

The price for 3 names per individual company:
$5.00 or $1,666 CPM

This now becomes part of “Your Company’s” proprietary list. This email may be sent by you directly and resent as often as needed. Click thru rates will be between 15% and 40%.

2. Standard Email Lists that are highly targeted B2C lists are priced between $100 CPM and $200 CPM or (10 to 20 cents per email), B2B lists are priced between $200 CPM and $400 CPM or (20 to 40 cents per email). Click thru rates are usually from 2% – 6%

3. Standard Email Lists that are generally targeted are priced between $5 CPM and $50 CPM or (1/2 cent to 5 cents per email). Click thru rates are usually from 1% – 3%.

4. General Consumer Lists are now priced between 40 cents CPM and 70 cents CPM or (1/25 of a cent to 1/14 of a cent per email) depending on volume. The results are measured by “open rates” and are usually from 5% – 10%. We will not send your offer to anyone on a general consumer list that has not opened one of our emails in the last 45 days.

5. CPA Programs will also be considered. If you have already tested your product or service please forward all the relevant data, conversion rates, bounty, etc. For list owners to run a CPA campaign on an untested product or service there is a qualifying process.

When a product or service is new to the Internet, relevant data must be compiled. Small tests paid for on a CPM basis will need to be run to determine the open rate, click thru rate, and the conversion rate at the web site. Once these statistics are available list owners can then determine if it will be profitable for them to convert to a CPA program.

6. CPO Programs / Cost per Open
You will only pay for recipients that have opened your email. This is a great way to test your offer by setting a benchmark to determine click thru rates and conversion rates (sales / leads) at your web site. The minimum to test is $3,000. The maximum number of opens is approximately 500,000 per month.

· 250,000 emails opened – $12 CPM or $3,000.
· 400,000 emails opened – $11 CPM or $4,400.
· 500,000 emails opened – $10 CPM or $5,000.

Email Content
We will work with you to create the email message, site content and set up the tracking pages to analyze each target category. This enables us to determine the lowest customer acquisition cost from the target categories, develop that channel and expand into it. This process also gives us a profile of your target customer allowing further expansion into similar target markets. Great creative work is key to successful opt-in email marketing.

The price of creating an email ad using text and graphics provided by you will be $300. If we create the ad from scratch the price will be $600 and up. There will be no charge for finished email ads that are properly coded or that only need very minimal clean up.

A. Select the target markets and lists
B. Set up the test sites and tracking pages
C. Launch the campaign
D. Analyze the response to determine the Cost of Acquisition per lead, sale, member

E. Refine the target markets and then launch a full campaign based on the test results

Web site Traffic and Tracking
Each individual campaign is tracked for response rate. The accuracy of response rates is near 100% as the number of emails sent, the number of emails opened and the number of unique visitors to the site are known. Each campaign will have a unique URL assigned to that individual list, database, category, offering or message. Every “unique” visitor entering the web site from a targeted campaign will be tracked and analyzed to determine the best response rate and ROI for future campaigns.

Review and Analyze Results
The benefit of email marketing is the ability to review and analyze real time data to determine a campaign’s effectiveness. After each campaign, the successful categories, lists and offerings are easily identified, by reviewing the response rates. The ongoing process of reviewing, analyzing and adjusting is key to the long-term success and response rate improvement of your marketing campaign.

This Email Marketing Overview is a general description of our services. Let us show you how to increase your earnings by custom tailoring a marketing campaign for your product or service. We look forward to helping you reach your Sales & Marketing goals in 2011 and beyond.

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Online Branding

Online Branding relates to how to build a valuable repeat audience that will use your services or buy your products overtime. This is done through carefully crafted exposure campaigns that will feed traffic into your specific brand and begin the steps of capturing and retaining customers. We utilize are many marketing resources in different combinations based on your need and this type of approach requires a very carefully crafted strategic campaign which can only realistically be accomplished after some intitial consultations are completed. The best way to begin an Online Branding campaign is to use our contact resources and let us know your interests and needs…

We can also take your existing database and requalify it by name, email address etc. Please follow this link for a broader overview of our Email Marketing Campaigns process…

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