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I remember when Barnes and Noble first entered the online Market back in 1998 or so..they threw $50 Million dollars at an online strategy, that at first, was a complete flop. The reason for this was how new the Web was and the user base simply wasn’t savvy enough to respond to such an assault. Barnes and Noble learned their lesson quickly, though, and realized that they were simply going to have to create their own unique online audience of users.

One of the problems they faced was the early pioneer had really figured out and captured the bulk of the online retail book business. The folks at Amazon simply approached the problem from the users perspective, not from an already established dominance in a brick-n-mortar retail book environment. Amazon knew early on that to best serve the user was going to take some serious technical savvy. They also knew the value of “viral marketing” before it became a catch phrase…and knew that part of how their business model would grow and mature would be word-of-mouth advertising.

Today, very few companies are willing plop down $50 Million (and in today’s dollars more like $150+ Million) dollars to tackle a market. They understand that they have to create their own market. This is where Online Branding comes into play. It is really a component, module based process and it takes putting together the right “blocks” to build the right foundation to grow a lasting brand properly.

There’s only one way for our firm to approach a problem this big…begin dialoguing with you about your specific needs and short-term and, more importantly, long-term goals.

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