Revenue Generation

…A great example of a successful Revenue Generation strategy is the recent Harry Potter craze. First, you write completely original, creative books based on a mythical world of wizardry and classic characters. These take off like hot cakes and in the meantime you are building out the next wave of content via the movie theaters. From there you will be able to merchandise like crazy and distribute to other entertainment mediums like VHS and DVD, CD and whatever the latest and greatest. You also put up a very hip and interactive Web site for all the fans to interact with…and you have the makings of a serious media empire.

The same could be said for The Lord of the Rings. This is certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity to “get it right” and these folks have moved very carefully through these well traveled waters. What a tremendous success this has been for all involved. The Brand Value has been carefully nurtured along the way and this franchise is the state of the art for anyone wanting to learn more about “how to do offline/online branding and create multiple revenue channels” while adding tremendous value to the artistic, technology and business environments of many industry sectors tied into the movie and entertainment sectors.

Revenue Generation can be a quick strategy to generate some revenue with your current customer base or a big picture approach building out entirely new customer sets and long-term revenue streams.

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