Search Engine Optimization

…SEO work is becoming mainstream for a lot of the online companies wanting to create better exposure for their existing products and services or introduce brand new content. The process has some fundamentals that haven’t change for several years now but because of many changes in how the respective major search engines operate, one has to pay close attention to the fundamentals.

There are a number of different approaches being deployed and some are very aggressive and can do more harm than good (not only for the web site owner deploying these aggressive tactics but also for SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). Our approach at is to use the best practices approach. That is, we believe the real value in the Web, overall, and in particular, one of the primary backbones of what makes the Web work, Search Engines, that working for the long-haul is the real value. This philosophy is not shared by all..but it is the way to create real long-term value with any online business.

Historically, some of the online business models only are interested in driving huge amounts of traffic through their sites and converting what they can. Currently, targeting market segments is the most effective way to deliver higher conversion traffic to a particular Web property.

We use a consultation approach so that we can understand your particular needs and business goals. We will never quote a price until we achieve absolute understanding through dialoguing and research.

We encourage you to initiate a dialogue with us so that we can begin this challenging exploration together.

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Targeted Email Marketing

Email Marketing is one of the most powerful methods for delivering targeted, highly-motivated visitors to your Web site. There are many options when choosing an email campaign that fits not only your style, but your budget. Typically there is some testing to see how our inventory will respond to your audience. But, generally we know pretty much how our lists perform. We constantly test them and keep them clean and ready to deliver very strong results. To learn more about our Targeted Email Marketing Campaign services, please follow this thread via the link below…

We can also take your existing database and requalify it by name, email address etc. Please follow this link for a broader overview of our Email Marketing Campaigns process…

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